Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Business Networking is not just for big business

If you look at the Wikipedia entry for Business Networking you will find it relates mostly to big business.

Times are changing.  The Internet has been called the great equalizer, because small companies can look like big companies on a web site for very little money.

Business Networking at any level, is all about taking advantage of the connections you have around you to bring in more business.  The Internet can make that easier, but to take advantage of that you either must have knowledge of the Internet and access to it, or you must know someone that does.

It isn't as simple as putting up a web page and people will start walking in your door.  It involves relationship building.  Not only is it true they can't buy from you if they don't know you exist, but it is true they won't buy from you if they don't trust you and that requires a relationship.

Business Networking is about building those relationships, shaking hands, talking face to face (or the Internet equivalents of blogging, forums, chats and twitter) and exchanging ideas. It is not just getting a mailing list, or stack of business cards, that doesn't build a relationship.

I am sure you have read or heard that success comes from hard work and helping others be successful.  Business Networking and Network Marketing is all about that, it isn't easy and it isn't a pyramid scheme or get rich quick gimmick, but as you see if Donald Trump had to start over this is what he says,

Donald Trump didn't become a Billionaire by being Business stupid...nor did Bill Gates, 

Now any small business can grow by combining Business Marketing (your connections and making new ones) with Network Marketing (selling your business and products and services to your network) much more easily by joining Explorer 4 for FREE.  Begin today by just signing up at http://ww3.explorer4universe.com/store and you can select from any of the current regions:

  • Universe - If you sell everywhere
  • USA - If you sell in the USA
  • Philippines - If you sell in the Philippines
  • Albay - If you sell in the Albay province of the Philippines
  • Quezon - If you sell in the Quezon province of the Philippines
  • Bicol - If you sell in the Bicol Region of the Philippines
  • Manila - If you sell in the Manila Region of the Philippines
  • Technology - If you sell technology on the Internet.
The value is high, we help you by promoting your listing not only on a web site but with all the social media as well as paid advertising you benefit from.  If you choose a listing with a Logo or a full set of pictures that will cost you a little more, but with that you gain the ability to sell Explorer 4 to your Business Network and earn a commission on that sale, every month.  Get 10 others to sign up and your listing could be free.

But it doesn't end there, we will also be offering free seminars in your region, to help you learn and get the most out of your exposure on Explorer 4 and your membership in the Explorer 4 Business Network.

That isn't the end either, as a paid subscriber to any Explorer 4 Business Network site you are entitled to commissions not just on what you personally get to join your Network.  If your connection then gets someone else to join the network, you get a commission too, this goes down 3 levels, as your network grows your monthly commissions grow too.

This is a synergistic effect.  The more people join the network the more people know about your business and trust you, meaning your business will grow too.  The more businesses listed on the site the more money goes into paid advertising and the more people will find the site on searches and as the traffic builds the other advertising grows and the cycle continues.

Not only will your Business Network bring you more business of your own, it will bring you more revenue directly from growing your network.  That is why Donald Trump and Bill Gates would do this if they were to start over.

Its not easy, it is not free, it is not a pyramid and it is not get rich quick, but if you let us help you get started, it can work for you and give you more of what you want both for your business and for your life.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

IndieGoGo Campaign Launch Explorer 4 Small Business

We have started IndieGoGo Explorer 4 Small Business to raise money, but more importantly to give our initial subscribers a great deal and populate our sites with listings and images that will attract customers to our subscriber's small businesses.

On the IndieGoGo Explorer 4 Small Business site, you will find a video that shows off one of our initial subscribers. Bay Reception of Legazpi is a small business that runs a magnificent facility for Banquet's, Receptions, Weddings, and Meetings.  They can service up to 500 people in a beautiful facility with views of the Mayon Volcano and Pacific Ocean.

As marvelous as this facility is, they had a problem....getting the word out.  They were not Information Technology oriented and although they knew what the Internet could do for them (many small businesses don't), they didn't know how to do it themselves.  The only advertising they could do was a local radio station and drive by signage.

One of my nieces (I have many) went in to inquire about a graduation party, and asked a few questions on how they do their business and how they get they customers.  Well my good niece reported back and my nephew went back and did a sales pitch.  Not only did they sign up but within a week of publishing their site and listing on Explorer 4 Albay, they had their first customer booking that came from our listing.

Explorer 4 is not just for Philippines, although we certainly started here, we have plans for Explorer 4 sites for all countries and all provinces and regions as our subscribers might need.

Since that's a big task, we sought out IndieGoGo to do a campaign to offer huge discounts to new subscribers and special deals for new subscribers in a country or region giving them an upgrade from their already hugely discounted rate.

If you have a small business you can't find a better deal, if you know someone that has a small business, do them a favor and send them this link.  Just one new customer will pay for two years of ads and we don't stop there,

We started life doing hosting of Small Business applications based entirely on Open Source to keep the costs down, go to O4BO.COM to see what else we do, and all our Explorer 4 subscribers can take advantage of our other services (at a discount as you might expect).

Saturday, March 29, 2014

PayPal special offer

We have great news.  When you subscribe to ANY of the Explorer 4 web sites at ANY level from P100/mo simple listing to P1,000/mo for full web site and basic software packages, and you pay with PayPal, we will include a free USD $50.00 Hotel Savings card you can redeem at any of 500,000 hotels worldwide.  So you subscribe to a P100/mo (USD $2.24) simple listing and get $50.00 off your next stay at a 4-5 star hotel...that's like a free listing for 22 months!

Just go to http://ww3.explorer4manila.com/store (or the store link on any of the exlorer4 sites, and sign up and use the PayPal option.  We will send you the link for the Hotel Savings Card.

Now is a great time to sign up as well.  We are adding features almost every day now and if you have your own Hotel, Resort, Bed and Breakfast or any facility that takes reservations, we will be including your company listing in our reservations system with no up front fees, of increase in your monthly subscription?  That will include the ability take payments with a credit card or paypal!  What a deal right?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Go Live

I am pleased to announce that the Explorer 4 web sites including: http://ww3.explorer4universe.com/; http://ww3.explorer4philippines.com/; http://ww3.explorer4usa.com/; http://ww3.explorer4albay.com/;  http://ww3.explorer4manila.com/http://ww3.explorer4albay.com, are now up and running and helping our subscribers help their customers find them.  We will be adding more sites for more countries and more regions and even when needed for cities in the months to come as we get subscribers in those areas.

The concept is simple, list your small business, resort, restaurant, or service on one of the explorer4 sites above and you get internet advertising that helps your customers find you.

We also add value to our subscribers with Software as a Service on 320+ applications to choose from includng:  Accounting, ERP, Customer Relationship Management, Web Content Management, Project Management, and a lot more, all fully integrated and designed specifically for our Small Business Subscribers.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

New Products from O4BO.COM

Hello World.  Boy how many times have you seen that?  Usually it is a programmer learning a new language and the first tutorial shows the programmer how to program a simple task of displaying "Hello World".

In this case the similarity is that for Small Businesses around the world, they too want to say "Hello World" to allow them to meet the world of new customers that are out there.  We have created a new brand, we call "Explorer4" and created several sites to bring our subscribers to the new world of customer.

See Explorer4Albay, Explorer4Quezon and Explorer4Manila, to see what we are talking about.